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We take pride in making sure our clients have the best team of employment lawyers on their side and are happy with the end result. But don’t take our word for it – read what our employment law clients have to say!

Please note that the names and identity of the clients and employers have been redacted in order to preserve and protect the privacy of the parties and confidential settlement agreements.

  • I had a very good professional experience with the Firm. I had a positive outcome.

    -DN (12/23/18), Pennsylvania
  • I HAD A CASE WITH Kevin console👌He was excellent. He was compassionate and caring. I highly recommend him!

    -DA (12/11/18), Pennsylvania
  • It was a pleasure to work with Emily, Nancy and Steve. Emily kept me posted on each step of process; she answered all questions...and I had a lot! Emily was my sanity when I got nervous; she was able to ground me.

    -TR (10/16/18), Pennsylvania
  • Dear Kate, My deepest thanks to you and all at Console Mattiacci Law for the care and expertise you rendered in my case. Although we physically did not meet, except once, there is a bond that I believe is precious - that I hold with great respect. I just wanted you to know what you meant to me and my life. Respectfully yours,

    -CS (9/5/2018) Disability Benefits, Pennsylvania
  • Dear Kevin Console and Staff, Thank you for believing in me and all that you have done. I was overwhelmed when I heard the outcomes. I really appreciate your negotiating skills and advice on the matters. Your legal advice, time and effort have been much appreciated!

    -KH (8/20/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Kate, Thank you for all of your guidance and support. You are one in a million. Warm Regards,

    -IB (8/1/18)
  • Dear Emily, Nancy and Steve, Thank you for all your help! The work you do is so important and I feel truly blessed to have your firm represent me!

    -TF (6/1/2018), Pennsylvania
  • I was referred to Console Law by a good friend who I trust in legal matters as he also happens to be an attorney. From the very first meeting with Stephen & Kevin, I felt that I was in company of people who are passionate about the work they do in advocating for their clients. What I experienced and discovered is that if you want the VERY BEST representation in the areas that Console Law specializes in, look no further - they are THE BEST!

    - Chenoa O. (5/8/2018), Pennsylvania
  • I felt genuine kindness, respect & consideration, for which I will always be grateful.

    -Wanda C. (5/8/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Caren was the best. Was very responsive to my questions and concerns and delivered results.

    -Jennifer K. (5/3/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Their knowledge and expertise in employment law us unsurpassed.

    Larry S. (4/25/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Excellent representation and communication; made terrific recommendations and kept me informed every step of the way.

    -T.R. (4/25/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Caren & Steve, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. When we got off the phone, I cried. Tears of joy. Tears of relief. Tears of vindication. I am so grateful to you both. For believing in my case and taking it on, and for the tireless work you did to get us to this point. I could not have had a better team in my corner.

    -L. R. (4/11/2018)
  • My family cannot thank you enough for all your hard work Emily. You are amazing to us and we could not stop talking about what a great job you did. Thank you for being his voice and for believing in him. It was never about the money for us, it was about him receiving the respect he truly deserved and having someone to fight for him. You took on that battle and helped him in more ways than you will ever know. We are forever grateful to you. Enjoy your day!

    - E. E. (4/10/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Good afternoon Steve, Caren, and Dan, My wife and I want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work, deep commitment, outstanding representation, and the personal support and guidance you have provided to us for these past two years while we continue through the legal process. From day-one, we continue to have, full confidence in your abilities as our legal counsel for this case, and the decision to go with your firm was one of the best decisions in our life. We have come to know you as not only highly effective professionals, but as good friends. Once again, thank you all so much for everything you have done and continue to do on our behalf.

    - L.S. (3/1/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Lane, I never thought I would actually reach the day when this would all be over. I finally get to turn the page on this chapter of my life but will never forget what you have done for me. I wanted to acknowledge all your hard work and the sacrifices that you made on my behalf and tell you how appreciative I am. You righted a wrong and provided me justice and vindication and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you for all that you did.

    -Anonymous (3/1/2018)
  • Susan and Cheryl, You have spent an immense amount of time preparing this case and taking the extra time to keep us all informed and educated in the complexities of the legal process. I appreciate the extra time and effort you have taken to communicate and explain issues to me. Regardless of where this case may go, I am very proud to be represented by you and your firm. Console Mattiacci Law stands out as a firm which clearly makes the extra effort to reach out to its clients. I will always remember this and let others know of your talents and capabilities.

    - K.P. (2/28/2018), Pennsylvania
  • Hi Kate, I cannot thank you and Steve enough for all of your help throughout this process. Keep fighting the good fight and if there is ever anything that I can do for you please do not hesitate to ask.

    - R.C. (2/28/2018)
  • Hi Steve, I hope you are doing well! I want to thank you and express my gratitude for you taking on my case []. I am grateful for all you and Rahul did []. I sincerely appreciate all of your time, energy and work on the case. Also, as I am sure you know, Rahul did an excellent job, and I was thankful for his hard work, support and guidance, as well. I wish you and your firm all the best! Gratefully,

    - M.K (2/28/2018)
  • I am very grateful to have been represented by Rahul Munshi in my age and gender discrimination case. I was impressed by Rahul's ability to clarify the complexity of the legal process to ease my concerns throughout the duration of the case. I also appreciated the guidance from Stephen Console and I am very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone in need of an employment lawyer.

    -Linda L. (2018)
  • Kevin, What can I say. You're smart, cool, and patient. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for your professionalism and empathy. After sixty years I now feel validated and fulfilled!👍🏿😌.

    - Connie, G (2018)
  • Hi Kevin, I just wanted to reach out again and say thank you for all your work in making the world a more equitable place for all. I am really glad we spoke, and you helped empower me to proceed with legal action.

    -C.B. (2018)
  • Now that our EEOC negotiation is concluded, I want to thank you again not only for the work you did, but also for the way you did it. You are expert at your craft and handle your clients in a warm, thoughtful and professional manner. I felt extremely well represented! Marjory was wonderful as well, a calming influence, and very professional.

  • Rahul, This card is a heartfelt thank you! Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy and generosity. This case was important to me personally and financially....[this] settlement was a big statement.

  • Thank you both for all your time and attention to me and my case and the wonderful result. You are both amazing people and attorneys and I am so happy I met you. Thank you for helping me.

  • Good Morning to All! Well it has been a long [ ] journey – but it came to an end yesterday. I wanted to sit down and cry because I have to admit, there were times I thought this day actually was only dream. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your hard work and diligence in getting us to this point. I’m sure there will be a lot of smiling faces at their mailboxes this week and I want you know that I completely recognize this wouldn’t have happened without your dedication to our cause. Thank you so very, very much, and I wish you nothing but the best in your future cases. May they all share the success you have brought to!

  • Good Morning Lane: Again, thank you and Steve for everything you have done for me and my family. Simply put, you all do things the "right way" and represent the legal profession with integrity and excellence. Without hesitation I would recommend this Law Firm to anyone seeking legal consultation.

  • Dear Cheri! We had a most successful day during our mediation! Steve and Kevin were amazing and we were so happy to be on the power-house team…Team Console! We have been so fortunate to work with you this past year! =) You are terrific and made a difficult situation for us …easier to cope with! We had hope!!! We wanted to thank you for all that you did for us! We wish you all the best…Always! =)=) Hoping you have a wonderful day!!

  • Hi Caren, I want to thank you for the pleasure of knowing you. You have been most kind to me during this most difficult time. It was your guidance and compassion that gave me the strength to keep moving forward. You are one first rate attorney, and I am deeply in your debt for your unwavering excellence in my case, but more importantly, you are a first rate person! I can’t find the words to really express my gratitude to you and Steve for believing in me and my case. It was, in my opinion, handled by the best attorneys in PA! You both knew exactly what needed to be accomplished. Not only did I feel vindicated in pursuit of my unlawful discharge, but I found a renewed faith in mankind, due to you and Steve. You both worked very hard on my case and kept me informed all along the way. I do appreciate the professionalism that I was afforded by everyone at the Console Law Firm. Steve is great as well. His professionalism and expertise were invaluable at the deposition and his warmth and compassion toward me allowed me to be at ease in a most stressful situation. I felt I were among friends. Steve is a gem and his is lucky to have you at his side. I laughed when I named you two the Dynamic Duo! Really what a team. Please tell Dan I thank him as well. He is a great guy. I guess I will sum it up by saying you are all “Philadelphia’s Finest”! I wish you luck, love, health and happiness all the days of your life.

  • Nancy and Steve, After talking with you, Nancy and Steve, it gave me the confidence to stand up for my rights and I usually just say ok because I am intimidated and afraid of what they will do and how they treat other humans. I am so grateful for your generosity and kindness. I felt empowered to have a voice and say back to them this is not right and a violation of my rights, Please stop. I have never done that before with the two of you supporting me, even though it’s a very stressful environment I see light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Caren and Steve, Thank you over and over again. I read this correspondence three times and burst into tears as finally my story was told. It was one of the most difficult days, and I have had many, but it was worth every excruciating minute. Not only was my story on record, but two people I highly respect, believe in me. I am sure many people are very grateful to you Caren, for your efforts and representation as I most certainly am, but more so, I am grateful for the person you are and your strength and compassion that got me through that deposition. All my life I have believed nothing happens by accident and only divine intervention walked me through your door that day. You’re the best and that great sidekick of yours -"Steve" is just great as well. No matter the outcome, I admire you both for your skill and knowledge but even more for being the dwindling few good persons left in this dog eat dog world. You will always be successful, you get back what you give out!

  • Steve, I will never forget our initial meeting when you told me you liked me and my case... And more importantly you said, "I hate bullies." I knew at that meeting I chose the right team. Marjory, I appreciate your countless hours and dedication to my case. Thank you both for having confidence in me that either way it would be OK. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.....I hope you are too! I know a lot of people and I have every intention of continuing to send business your way.

  • Just wanted to thank you again for a job well done yesterday. I am very pleased with the outcome. Should I ever be asked, you and your firm will receive my highest recommendation. It feels good to have this episode behind me and I thank you and Console Law Offices once more for your excellent work.

  • Hi Rahul, I am most grateful to have had your representation, it was a pleasure working with you. Please extend my thanks and best wishes to Steve.

  • Rahul, Thank you, couldn't have done it without you! You were spot on! I'm happy and very glad we met! Truly hope we meet again. Maybe happier circumstances!

  • Dear Susan, I want to thank you for your expertise and all your hard work and help with negotiating our settlement. I am very pleased and also relieved that this journey has come to a successful ending. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

  • Nancy, I meant to thank you as well for your caring concern. It means a lot to me to know you guys are there in such circumstances.

  • I want to thank you for your expertise and all your hard work negotiating our settlement. I am very pleased and also relieved that this journey has come to a successful ending. Several times I was ready to walk away but you convinced me to stay on board. I appreciate all that you have done for me.

  • Dear Susan, I want to take this opportunity to thank you in writing for your incredible effort on my behalf during my suit’s three year process. From our first meeting right through the settlement, you were the one person who knew this case inside out. I am certain you have been praised before for your incredible mind, remarkable memory, and seemingly unlimited capacity for work. But while all of this is true, I was as impressed with your sincere belief in me and my case. I was amazed time and again at the heavy lifting you did to get to the truth, or expose the lies the Defense kept tossing our way. It is surely a cliché, but I always felt you were completely in my corner. And now that this episode is ending, and we are both moving on, I want to make certain you know that I am firmly convinced that it was your dedication and remarkable efforts that led directly to the great settlement we received.

  • Dear Stephen, Like so many of your clients have done, I want to take this opportunity to thank you in writing for your incredible effort on my behalf during my suit’s three year process. But unlike many of these notes that offer praise to you and your entire staff, this one focused solely on you. From our first meeting, I never once questioned your sincerity, second guessed your motives, or felt you were taking the easy path. Not ever once in 39 months. And as we got close to trial, your direct involvement with the mock trial prepared me for cross. And your advice gave me the confidence I needed to be my best on the stand. When you showed up just before the fourth day of trial to tell me it was time to settle, it was this accumulated credibility that you had established with me that made my decision an easy one. Yes, your staff is great. But you are the best.

  • Dear Laura, I want to take this opportunity to thank you in writing for your incredible effort on my behalf leading up to the trial and settlement. From our first session, it was clear to me that your “art” was the ability to tell my story to a group of eight strangers in whose hands my fate rested. And your Open did exactly that. It was also your ability to help me present myself in the best light, and make certain these eight strangers liked, and believed me, from the get-go. And based on your feedback from the jurors, I think you accomplished that also. While the settlement was clearly the right move, I am disappointed by only one thing: I did not see your Close. Again, many thanks for a great job.

  • Steve and Nancy, Just a quick note to thank you for all of your guidance and help in resolving my situation. I really appreciate your expertise, patience – and the fact that you are all really nice! It was very comforting knowing I had the best of the best on my side … thanks so much for being there! I hope our paths will pass again one day soon – in a different scenario, of course!!

  • Dear Rahul, Many thanks for all of your and Steve's efforts on my behalf. The caring attitude of everyone in your office during this difficult time in my life made it possible for me to continue with a positive mindset.

  • We simply cannot thank you enough for everything, Dan! You were a true professional and gentleman from day 1! All our best, Dan – with much gratitude.

  • Dear Caren, We will never be able to thank you enough for your kindness, integrity, friendship and expertise. You’re a terrific person!

  • Dear Steve, Thank you doesn’t quite capture the essence or depth of gratitude I feel toward you for your willingness to represent me over the past 18 months. Consider me limited by the constraints of the English language when I say I am truly grateful for all of the help, assistance, understanding and professional skills garnered on my behalf during this time. I feel your life-long commitment to hard work, education, competitive skill and supporting the underdog positioned you to represent me in a way no one else could. Thank you and may there always be room on your hook for one more tie.

  • We met just once, and in less than one year, you have won a settlement – I find that amazing! On the other hand, I knew from that first meeting that you were a lawyer that listens, that you had a no-nonsense approach, and you were honest. I also know that you zero in on the relevant facts as they relate to ERISA law and specifically how they relate to violation of the law. Win, lose or draw I had complete confidence in you which is a “feeling”, and that was not always the case in 40 years of interaction with the legal community. In my own opinion, you are the best! Thank you.

  • Caren, Thanks so much. I have commented many times about how great and rare it is to have good and reputable counsel on the other side. Please make sure that Steve knows my thoughts on that as well. It does great service to your practice and to the interests of your client when arguments are presented strongly, yet respectfully, and the parties are still able to keep it from getting personal and work together to the extent that they can.

  • I thank you so for the reassurance and support you lent me when I was transitioning. Your counsel and support were critical, collected and very much appreciated at a time when I felt very vulnerable and saw few options. Very reasonable terms were negotiated and I’ve now found a new and lucrative opportunity. Again, thank you again for all of your support during a difficult time in my career.

  • Laura, I can't stress enough how much we appreciate the efforts you and your team put forth in representing me. You always said in the depositions that you had the honor of representing me, but the honor was truly all mine. Your professionalism and the professionalism of your staff, especially (Caren Gurmankin) gave me the confidence to keep pushing forward despite the inherent risks of being involved in a lawsuit. I was always kept well informed and you guys constantly took the time to make sure my questions were answered. You said that not everybody can handle the stress of being involved in a law suit, but you guys did a great job of limiting that stress for me. I always rested knowing that you were on the case and serving my best interests. It goes without question that you have an incredibly successful career ahead of you and when you talk about your first trial don't forget to mention that we won despite being 9 months pregnant and flipping through huge blow-ups in a maternity dress and high heels! I know we didn't break the bank, but I won a fortune in pride, respect and the relationships that I developed with you and everyone else at Console Law. I wish you all the best of luck in the future and we also look forward to seeing you again in a non-legal setting.

  • Hi Nancy, Thank you for doing such a great job at the law firm. You make a huge impact on lives and may you be blessed in every way for your commitment. You have made a huge positive impact on my and my daughter's life. Thank you.

  • Steve and Rahul, Just a note to thank you again for doing such a great job. Please extend my thanks to Laura, Charlene, Danielle, Nancy, and anyone else who contributed.

  • Dear Stephen, I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the professional and caring time you spent with me. When my friend and neighbor suggested I contact you I was very skeptical of dealing with a “Philadelphia Attorney”. Needless to say a lot of negative stereotypes immediately came to mind. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the time you spent with me. You are a true credit to your profession and you have forever changed my opinion of attorneys. Please also convey my appreciation to your “boss” Nancy Glace for her kindness and help through the process. She is a wonderful caring and considerate personal and a real asset to your company. Again thank you for your time. Thank you for everything, you are the best.

  • Hi Steve and Laura, I hope you're doing well! I am doing well and wanted to send you a note because I thought of the both of you today. This morning when I was getting ready, I reached back in my closet and unconsciously put on the suit I wore at the deposition last year around this time. I have not worn it since. And today as I was sitting in my suit, I really felt proud of myself not for "winning" but being courageous enough to fight the fight. A year later I am content and really happy - I'm still struggling to get the health forward but have made great strides and am sure that will all come into control soon. I'm optimistic about the future and really do live each day with a fresh outlook. And as I get closer to cutting that check to the IRS I am amazed at how much it doesn't bother me - it was never about the money - I haven't touched it and doubt I will unless I ever really need it. It was about "change" in the end. Thank you - a year later I'm still thinking about you guys and the good work you do.

  • Hello Stephen and Nancy, I just wanted to send you a quick note to formally thank you for, in my mind, successfully winning the negotiations. I was so nervous when I came to see Stephen for my consultation. You were efficient from the start and shot straight from the hip and I appreciated that. I appreciated that when you didn't know something you researched it and came back with accurate info. Seems like this should be the norm, but often this is not the case. Another thing I really appreciated is your sincere desire to help me choose a path that I was most comfortable with even though it may not have been the most lucrative. Throughout the process I was able to trust that you were doing what you had to do to achieve the best outcome for me. You provided me with relevant updates and I didn't worry in-between. Without these comforts it would have been a much different experience for me. To sum it all up, thank you very much!

  • Steve, You were well informed and prepared when we met and I appreciate that. I believe your efforts (on) my behalf were excellent and I have passed that onto others in the construction and legal community in Harrisburg. If I ever need help again I will be calling.

  • Steve and Laura, Thank you for all the hard work. We are thrilled with the results. That may not have been obvious last night since we were very relieved that it was over, and just plain tired from the process. That said, we are very appreciative of your efforts, and even more appreciative of your compassion and professionalism.

  • Dear Steve, I want to thank you for representing me. I appreciate all of the expert advice and counsel you gave me over these past three years. I also appreciate the hard work and long hours your fantastic team of skilled lawyers, associates and assistants spent in preparing my case. Nancy, Kathy, Cheryl, Julianne, Laura and especially Susan, who had to do a lot of hand-holding and reassuring at times, all contributed to a successful outcome. At my initial consultation meeting, your optimistic attitude, confidence and most importantly your legal skills, gave me the confidence to go forward. On the way back form the Settlement Conference you told me that you get great satisfaction from your work, helping people who have suffered an injustice. I’m certainly glad you were there to help me. My wife and I are extremely appreciative of all you have done for us. Thank you.

  • Nancy, Thank you for all of your help during the lawsuit. Your kindness during the whole process really was appreciated. Steve and Cheri did a great job for us. We will never forget it!

  • Nancy, Thank you for all of your help today. It’s really been a pleasure working with you and the entire team at Console Law. You’ve all made this difficult time less stressful because of your expertise, advice and kindness. I hope that you will pass that on to Steve, Cheryl and the others who helped.

  • Thank you very much for all of your hard work on my behalf - you have been a key part of the successful resolution. I appreciated your attention to detail, ability to draw the right conclusions very quickly, and diligent follow thru. I felt very comfortable with your ability and our dealings. I mentioned to Steve yesterday, that I think you will have a very successful career. Again, thank you.

  • Dear Steve and Laura, I’d like to thank you once again for doing a fantastic job on my case. I appreciate more than anything that you hung in there with me and really got to know me and every detail of this case. It made me feel good just knowing that someone believed in me and that I wasn’t’ just paranoid, exaggerating or just a trouble maker!

  • Nancy, Thank you for your message regarding the flowers. I am glad to know that they arrived and that they are nice. We so appreciated your help, Nancy. Having someone communicate a sense of caring and expertise meant so much to us. You and Stephen did a great job on our behalf. It was a pleasure to work with you.

  • Dear Steve, Thank you very much for representing me in my recent class action lawsuit. This was an excellent learning experience for me (also a little scary at times)! Thanks also for believing in the merits of this case. You, Carol & Juli were all wonderful to work with. It was a pleasure to meet and to work with all of you & I’m very grateful for your efforts!

  • Dear Laura, I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. Thank you for believing in my cause. You were wonderful to work with and there is no one that I would have rather weathered this storm with. I will remember you fondly. I will also have a chuckle each time I think of that dreaded day at Human Relations. You are an inspiration and a true professional. I am grateful for everything you did.

  • Dear Laura, I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and determination with this case. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family more than you will ever know. You are the BEST in the business!!!

  • Steve, Let me take this time to thank you and your staff for your representation and professionalism. Please extend my appreciation to Nancy and Cheryl for their assistance. It has been a pleasure working with you as we look forward to culminating this process.

  • Nancy: Thank you…do you now what the TRULY good thing is about all of this is that I got to meet you and Steve, especially you….Hopefully I’ll not need his services again, BUT I will recommend him to anyone. It’s not that he’s just a great lawyer, but he’s the lawyer version of the doctor who still makes house calls. That’s the highest compliment I could give.

  • Steve, Thanks for a great job, Steve. I will certainly refer you to all who need representation.

  • Thanks again for everything. It was a great pleasure to work with everyone at Console. You are all consummate professionals.

  • Dear Stephen: I will always be grateful to you for saving my job. Many thanks and all good wishes.

  • Dear Stephen: Thank you so much for your help this year. We really appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful new year ahead.

  • Dear Steve: Thank you so much for your support of my recent employment situation. Your guidance and balance in evaluating the circumstances were very valuable to me.

  • Danielle: Just wanted to thank you, again, for your help during a difficult time. Your kindness was appreciated more than words can say. From my home to yours, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Laura: Hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks, again, for your help during a difficult time. Know that you're thought of often and warmly. From my home to yours, have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  • Steve and Nancy: Thanks for your support. You have no idea of the difference it has made in our lives!

  • Thank you James, Stephen and Susan for working so diligently on the lawsuit against my former employer. It is GREAT to know from the information you have given me that you are all on top of this unfortunate situation that has affected and interrupted all of our lives in this past year, especially at this late time in our lives. Thank you all again!

  • Dear Steve: Thank you for speaking at the Camden County Bar Seminar. You all were a lot of fun and got great feedback. This is the second time you came through for me. Everyone thinks you are very impressive, so thanks!

  • I just wanted to take this moment to thank you so very much for all of your efforts in getting my deal done. I know it was a bit pressuring in turns of time deadlines, but I can't tell you how appreciative I am. I have to say that your skill, calming approach, knowledge and creativity were among the best, if not the best. You took the time to understand my business, and learn the intricacies so that you could best serve me. I always felt that you had my best interests at heart. Moreover, you returned every call in a timely manner never letting me wonder what was happening. In short, Steve is lucky to have you! You can use me as a reference any time. Once again, thanks so very much.

  • Laura: Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help in resolving my situation. I could not have done it without you. You really are the BEST in the business!

  • Caren: Thank you again for your hard work and professionalism. No matter what would have taken place, I believe because you were representing me it would have been a positive outcome. My intuition told me to go with you when I first talked to you. Good luck with your practice.

  • Dear Nancy and Steve, I wanted to thank you both so much for your valuable time in helping me sort out my employment concerns. You were both so kind and helpful. I received some great advice.

  • Hello Steve, I wanted to write and personally thank you for all your help with my case. The process adn outcome were exactly what you described from the beginning.

  • I will continue to refer my friends/associates to the best employment lawyer in Philadelphia. It's been 20 years since we met and I continue to value our relationship.

  • Cheryl, A few of my contacts mentioned that Steve is not only an exceptional attorney, but that he legitimately cares about his clients and assisting each person he encounters however he can. This notion certainly shows through in your follow-up, willingness to help and professional (while still compassionate) demeanor on the phone. I sincerely appreciate your and Steve's assistance.

  • Laura, I needed to take a moment to thank you for your incredible support. You are truly a professional with a balance of warmth and brilliance! I felt safe and protected by you throughout one of the most difficult days of my life. Although premature, I feel as if I’ve already won this fight and the end of my journey is close. Please note that Danielle’s presence that day was also wonderful for me. She was incredibly respectful of my fears and anxiety. From the minute I saw her in the morning at your office until our goodbyes on the street – she took great care of me – I thank you for inviting her to share the experience. She’s a keeper!!

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