Philadelphia Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits

The lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC have been certified as class counsel in many class action lawsuits ranging from age discrimination to wage and hour cases involving thousands of employees. There are different standards set by the state and federal courts which determine, based on the type of claim, if class certification is proper for a particular group of employees.

Class action cases require a careful, focused, and thorough evaluation by a competent attorney who practices employment law. Console Mattiacci Law, LLC maintains an excellent reputation in the field of employment law both with employers and the legal community. Depending on the particular facts of your situation and your specific goals, the attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC will work with you to negotiate with your employer, file a Charge of Discrimination with the appropriate federal, state or local agency, and represent you in federal or state court.

Console Mattiacci Law, LLC’s Class Action and Collective Action Lawsuits

  • Sessions et al. v. Owens Illinois Salaried Pension Plan (M.D. Pa.)- Court certified class action on behalf of plan participants who were denied special early retirement benefits.
  • MacDonald et al. v. Unisys (E.D. Pa)- Federal Court denied motion to send to arbitration and Philadelphia Court ordered that discovery proceed on age and tortious interference claims of plaintiffs. (federal and state actions for age discrimination on behalf of employees terminated in connection with offshore outsourcing).
  • Beauchamp et al. v. Provident Mutual Life Insurance Company (E.D. Pa) Federal Court certified collective action for age discrimination in connection with employees terminated as part of a lay-off resulting in claims proceeding on behalf of 24 former employees.
  • Fisher and Nardo et al. v. Columbia Sussex/Tropicana Casino (D. N.J.) Age discrimination action on behalf of a large group of employees terminated in connection with a significant lay-off.
  • Aaron, et al. v. Century Indemnity Company, et al. (American Arbitration Association) severance pay claims of 82 former employees.
  • Koebert, et al. v. PECO Energy Company, et al. (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas)certified class for bonus compensation and PA Wage Payment and Collection Law action, represented plaintiffs.
  • Kaminski, et al. v. First Union Corp. (E.D.Pa) Opt-in age discrimination collective action on behalf of almost 200 opt-in plaintiffs.

Please be aware there are strict deadlines associated with bringing a class action lawsuit. In some cases, you may only have 180 days to file a claim or you forever lose your right to do so. If you believe you may have a class action lawsuit do not delay in contacting Console Mattiacci Law, LLC at 215-545-7676 for a comprehensive consultation with an attorney. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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