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Philadelphia Employee Rights

Workers have certain rights under federal, state and local law in Pennsylvania. Employers must respect those rights and follow the law. They may not discriminate based on certain factors, must appropriately pay employees, and must give them leave under certain circumstances, along with other laws.

If an employer violates one of those laws, the worker may have a claim and recover for his or her damages. The company has their own attorneys on retainer – the employee should have a skilled attorney as well.

For decades, the lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC have exclusively represented employees in all areas of employment law throughout the greater Philadelphia areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Rights of Employees in the Greater Philadelphia Area

The dedicated lawyers of Console Mattiacci Law, LLC fight for the rights of workers in Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia area, as well as throughout New Jersey and New York. We fight to recover damages for our clients, whether it be compensation for wrongfully denied back and future pay, mental anguish, punitive damages and/or attorneys’ fees and costs.

At Console Mattiacci Law, LLC, our attorneys have been recognized for our skill and dedication. We can put that experience to work for you if you’ve been the victim of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, unlawful denial of overtime, retaliation or any other illegal activity.

We represent clients in the greater Philadelphia area, including in Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County and Bucks County. We have an office in Moorestown, New Jersey, a suburb of Philadephia. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey and New York.

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Discrimination in the Workplace

Several laws, federal, state and local, prohibit discrimination on the workplace on a range of factors. Those factors can include discrimination based on:

Discrimination includes making an employee’s workplace a hostile environment based on a covered factor. Sexual harassment, therefore, is a form of discrimination and is unlawful.

Frequent Legal Issues for Employees

There are many issues that an employee may face. Some may result in wrongful termination, meaning being fired or dismissed for reasons against the law. Others may result in being illegally denied pay, which can accumulate into significant amounts over a period of time. Issues may include:

Defending the Rights of Workers in the Philadelphia Area

Experienced legal counsel can make a significant difference if you are seeking recovery after an employer violated your rights. If you assert your rights correctly, you might be entitled to receive compensation for your damages and for back pay owed to you.

It’s important to act quickly, as some employment claims have a strict 180-day deadline. We will help you protect your rights. Call us at 215-545-7676 or contact us online to set up a consultation to discuss your potential claim.

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