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Console Mattiacci Law is an employment rights law firm with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Moorestown, New Jersey, and New York, New York. Since its inception in 1990, the firm has specialized in the representation of current, former, and potential employees concerning work-related matters.

The lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law counsel individuals who have been victimized by illegal employment discrimination and retaliation, including harassment at work. Our attorneys also represent employees in cases concerning wrongful termination, whistleblower claims, medical leaves, disability benefits, wage and hour claims, employment contracts, severance agreements, stock option plans, and class action lawsuits.

Unfairness in the workplace is often rooted in an abuse of power. After a thorough consultation with a Console Mattiacci Law attorney, you will understand your rights in the workplace and whether the treatment that you are being subjected to or your termination, is in violation of the law. If your situation involves an employment or severance contract issue, the attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law will analyze every line of the contract, and fight the corporation on your behalf, to make sure that you are receiving what you deserve.

Every staff member at Console Mattiacci Law works diligently to defend the rights of every client. Each situation is unique, and our staff provides personal attention to every person who turns to our firm for legal counsel. With years of experience taking on a range of employment law matters, every person on the team at Console Mattiacci Law is dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal service to employees who are facing challenging issues.

Firm Philosophy

The golden rule of being a law firm representing individuals is simply this: treat every client the way you would want your family member or best friend to be treated if they were represented by a lawyer. This approach is never a one size fits all model. Each potential case involves a unique set of facts, including emotional injury and financial anxiety. For some clients, they should accept the severance package offered or, if there is none, move on with their lives. For others, they should litigate the case to verdict – or at least until a fair offer is made. For other potential clients, they will be candidly told if our firm declines representation (we are highly selective, taking about 1 of 25 cases that come into our firm).

At Console Mattiacci Law, we are counselors first and litigators second. We first need to know what your “wish list” is and then we strategize on how to best achieve the desired result. Different lawyers handle different aspects of representation depending on the stage we are at. We always negotiate from a position of strength – a strength that comes from being a law firm that never backs down in negotiations or in court and has a hard-earned reputation of being a firm second to none in trying cases to verdict.

Every day, the lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law feel extremely fortunate to represent individuals who have been harmed by an abuse of power by those in superior positions in companies. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances. The cases are not easy, and it is a David versus Goliath model. But as our firm has shown time and time again, David can win.

Active Cases

We've Obtained Significant Results
On Behalf of Our Clients

Below is a sampling of some of our results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances. We are not able, due to confidentiality agreements required by corporate employers, to reference over 2,000 settlements that we have obtained for our clients and that we are as proud of as the limited number of cases that we can publicly reference below.

  • $1.6MILLION

    Breach of Contract

    After a four-day trial at the Lehigh County Courthouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the jury deliberated for 70 minutes before rendering a unanimous verdict in favor of Plaintiff, Charles Nifong, and against Defendants CST Brands on all claims. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

  • $1.5MILLION

    Breach of Contract

    Console Mattiacci Law, LLC Wins Jury Verdict of More Than $1.5 Million on Behalf of Former Phillies Pitcher Mitch Williams Against Major League Baseball Network. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

  • $1.6MILLION

    Employer Retaliation

    Ms. Mattiacci was lead trial counsel representing an employee who was retaliated against after bringing forth complaints of wrongful activity in the workplace. After a five-day trial, the jury returned a verdict of $1.678 million. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

  • $9.5MILLION

    Class Action

    U.S. District Court Judge Robert D. Mariani approved a $9.5 million class settlement of a decade-long dispute between former Owens-Illinois (O-I ) employees who were denied subsidized retirement benefits when the business they worked for was sold by O-I. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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Our Attorneys

We Level the Playing Field

Console Mattiacci Law is a premier employment law firm that serves the needs of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. Since its inception in 1990, the firm has specialized in the representation of current, former, and potential employees concerning work-related matters. 

Stephen G. Console

He serves as a partner of Console Mattiacci Law. Mr. Console’s practice heavily emphasizes the representation of employees in non-union employment rights disputes. The firm currently has pending scores of cases with federal and state agencies as well as numerous cases in federal and state courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. READ MORE

Laura Carlin Mattiacci

She is a partner at Console Mattiacci Law. She is the lead trial counsel for many of the law firm’s most significant cases. Laura’s clients include current and former employees, and applicants for employment, who have been victimized by discrimination based on sex, race, religion, national origin, color, disability, age, sexual orientation, and pregnancy. READ MORE

Our Law Firm Partners
We fight for individual workers who have had their civil rights violated in the workplace.
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Practice Areas

Employment Law Practice Areas

For decades, the lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law have exclusively represented employees in all areas of employment law throughout the greater Philadelphia areas in Pennsylvania, Boston, NYC and New Jersey.

  • There are certain situations where it is illegal to fire a person. Even if a state is “at will” the employee cannot fire someone based on their sex, race, religion, national origin, color, disability, age and other factors protected by the law.

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  • Federal, state and local laws state that if an employer makes decisions based sex, race, religion, national origin, color, disability or age, the employee or potential employee may have a claim for monetary damages or for injunctive relief.

    Read More
  • Often, retaliation is a chief concern among workers seeking to stop unlawful behavior by an employer or seeking redress for damages they suffered. An employee may value his or her job despite the issue they seek to address.

    Read More
  • If you have been the victim of sexual harassment, whether it be unwelcome advances, demands of sexual favors, inappropriate physical contact or crude jokes, comments, gestures or pictures, you may have the right to be compensated.

    Read More
  • When an employer misappropriates funds, violates regulations relating to safety or employment or breaks any other law, they must be held accountable. Often, the only people knowledgeable about the violation are the people who work there.

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  • A contract may be negotiated, and a knowledgeable attorney can assist in those negotiations. On the other hand, if an employer breaches the contract, an attorney can assist in holding the employer accountable.

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  • Most employees must be paid for all the hours they work plus overtime if working more than 40 hours per week. Various federal and Pennsylvania laws secure this right. Unfortunately, some employers misapply the exemptions.

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  • The focused, thorough lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law have been certified as class counsel in many class action lawsuits ranging from age discrimination to wage and hour cases involving thousands of employees.

    Read More

Employment Law Blog

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