Superior Court of New Jersey – Appellate Division upheld a jury verdict of almost $1.6 million against MLB Network

Posted on Mar 19, 2019 by Brittany Carter

On March 14, 2019, the Superior Court of New Jersey – Appellate Division upheld a jury verdict of almost $1.6 million against MLB Network which found that MLB Network breached its contract with former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, and MLB Network Analyst, Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams.

In affirming Williams’ win at trial, the Appellate Court described the case as a “hard-fought lawsuit” and concluded its 86-page Opinion by stating: “The proofs at trial provided ample substantial evidence to support the jury’s verdict, and the jury’s credibility-laden assessments deserve our deference.”

MLB Network was appealing Williams’ June 2017 jury trial win. After an 11-day trial with a dozen witnesses testifying, including former MLB player Bill Ripken and then CEO of MLB Network, now COO of Major League Baseball, Tony Petitti, the jury found Williams did not breach the morals clause of his contract in regards to events that occurred at a youth baseball tournament in 2014. As the Appellate Court noted, the “jury found that the Network failed to prove Williams had actually engaged in the alleged conduct violating the morals clause.” The jury awarded Williams $1,565,334 in stipulated contract damages. The Court also awarded $9,700 in prejudgment interest and $2,990 in costs.

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Williams is represented by Laura C. Mattiacci, Rahul Munshi, and Susan Saint-Antoine of Console Mattiacci Law. To read more about the verdict, please click here.

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