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Short-Term disability is typically a physical condition, injury, or illness that prevents an employee from performing the duties of his or her job for a limited period of time. New Jersey is one of five states in the nation (including Puerto Rico) that provides temporary disability insurance benefits to a worker whose illness, injury, or pregnancy prevents him or her from working and was not caused by his or her job.

Typically, short-term disability benefits only lasts for a matter of weeks or months, but employers or their insurance companies are hesitant to honor these claims, and may even deny them. A person has the right to appeal these decisions, but he or she only has a very limited period of time to do so.

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Filing a Short-Term Disability Claim in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York

Short-term disability insurance is usually available through a person’s employer. In most cases, a person cannot begin receiving benefits until a certain number of days have passed in which the individual has been unable to work because of an illness or injury.

To file a claim, a person will need to obtain the proper form from an employer’s human resources department or insurance carrier. Most applications require some medical certification of the condition causing the short-term disability.

New Jersey also requires an applicant to submit an employer statement proving that the person has worked for the employer for six months. Short-term disability benefits are typically payable only for a certain predetermined amount of time (could be anywhere between six months and two years), and a person must file for long-term disability benefits if he or she is still unable to work after the short-term disability benefits have been exhausted.

Short-Term Disability Appeals in Philadelphia and New Jersey

A person may attempt to claim disability for any one of a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons that short-term disability claims are denied include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical condition is not severe enough;
  • Failure to satisfy non-medical requirements;
  • Lack of medical evidence;
  • Failure to follow treatment;
  • Pre-existing condition; or
  • Incomplete application.

When your short-term disability claim is denied, it is important to remember that you only have a limited amount of time to file an appeal. For example, New Jersey establishes that an appeal must be received or postmarked within seven days after delivery or 10 days after the date of the mailing of the determination from the Division of Temporary Disability Insurance.

Working with an experienced attorney can help you determine why your claim was denied and help you collect the evidence necessary to win your claim on appeal.

Short-Term Disability Resources in Pennsylvania

Department of Labor and Workforce Development | Temporary Disability Insurance — Visit this section of the State of New Jersey website to learn more about temporary disability insurance. You can open a new claim and check the status of an existing claim. You can also complete your initial Medical Certificate (M01) online.

Disability insurance plans: trends in employee access and employer — Beyond the Numbers is a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) publication, and this Beyond the Numbers summary examines trends in employer-provided disability insurance coverage over time, explains the basic terms of coverage for typical plans, and estimates the costs to private employers. Learn more about access to benefits, costs to employees, and costs to employers. You can also find information about plan coverage and the connection between disability insurance and medical insurance.

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