$400,000 Judgment Obtained in Sex Discrimination and Retaliation Case Against Harley-Davidson Dealership

Posted on Jan 23, 2019 by Brittany Carter

On January 18, 2019, a $400,000 judgment was entered in favor of Patricia Atanasio and against Matt-Bri, Inc. d/b/a Brian’s Harley-Davidson in the case, she filed based on sex discrimination and retaliation. Ms. Atanasio’s complaint sets forth detailed facts regarding sexual harassment as well as retaliation after she complained about harassment, which includes her employment being terminated after over six years of excellent performance. Judgment was entered in federal court in Philadelphia.

Ms. Atanasio was represented by Kevin Console of Console Mattiacci Law in Philadelphia. Stephen Console, the founding partner of Console Mattiacci Law, stated the following, “Ms. Atanasio is to be praised for her courage and conviction in bringing this lawsuit and in not being willing to accept anything short of a complete victory and a publicly filed judgment. Any other female employee who feels discriminated against because of her sex or retaliated against because of her complaints now knows that she is not alone and that victims of abuse of power can prevail in demanding that their civil rights be upheld.”

This judgment stands in stark contrast to situations where companies pay settlements that require strict confidentiality agreements and allow discrimination to be swept under the rug. By demanding a publicly filed judgment, victims of discrimination can expose those who have abused their power and, hopefully, help prevent the next employee from being victimized.

Ms. Atanasio stated, “This is a very important win not only for myself but for anyone who has experienced sex discrimination in the workplace or faced backlash for raising their concerns. A judgment in my case means I have a voice. My hope is that this will bring change not just to this company but to similar companies that abuse their power and prevent employees from voicing their concerns out of fear of retaliation.”

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