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Employment Law Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA

Protecting the Rights of Employees in Philadephia, PA, and throughout New Jersey

If you are seeking justice for violations of your rights in your workplace, having experienced legal counsel on your side can make a tremendous difference in the results of your case. Demanding your legal rights from an employer can be an intimidating process, but a skilled employment law attorney on your side can give you confidence in the process ahead.

Federal, state and local laws protect employees against various forms of discrimination based on a variety of different factors, including gender, race, national origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, whether or not the person has a real or perceived disability and if the employee is pregnant.

Discrimination can include harassment. If a worker has been sexually harassed at work from unwelcome advances or crude comments, she or he has been discriminated against due to her or his gender.

The Attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC

With offices in Philadelphia, PA, and Moorestown, NJ, the attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC focus on employment law cases in the greater Philadephia area. We help workers who have been unlawfully discriminated or retaliated against recover for the damage done by their employer, including lost back pay, lost future pay, emotional distress damages, punitive damages and attorneys' fees and costs.

Employees who are denied overtime in violation of federal and state law have a right to recover for the money they would have been paid, as well as liquidated damages and attorneys'fees and costs.

If you make a complaint of discrimination, your employer may not retaliate against under the law. This means the employer cannot terminate you or make your working conditions less favorable without violating the law. For decades, Console Mattiacci Law, LLC has held those employers who retaliate against employees accountable and have recovered substantial sums for wrongfully treated employees.

Console Mattiacci Law, LLC represents clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas throughout the United States.

Protecting Whistleblowers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York

If a company engages in conduct that is illegal or against the policy of the state, employees are encouraged to report that conduct to an attorney. The attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC will thoroughly explain the laws that protect you and the substantial recovery you may be entitled to for reporting the conduct.

A common area of whistleblower law involves fraud upon the government. This can include Medicare or Medicaid fraud, illegal kickbacks, overpricing of government contracts, or off-label marketing of pharmaceuticals.

In order to be a whistleblower, the fraud does not necessarily need to be against the government. The inappropriate conduct reported can include other types of illegal activities or actions in violation of the public policy of the state.

Substantial recoveries are available to whistleblowers who report inappropriate conduct. If you are aware of such conduct, contact the attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC for a full and thorough consultation. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the better because in some cases the deadline to file is only 180 days from your first awareness of the improper conduct.

Moreover, for some federal whistleblower claims, you must be the "first to file" - meaning you need to be the first person to have reported this conduct to the government in order to be entitled to the whistleblower reward. The attorneys at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC are experienced in handling these types of whistleblower cases.

In 2013, Console Mattiacci Law, LLC won the largest whistleblower verdict in the state of Pennsylvania with a unanimous jury verdict.

Finding an Experienced Workers' Rights Attorney in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York

In addition to protecting the rights of employees who were wronged by employers, we also represent those seeking to negotiate employment contracts, severance agreements, and stock option plans. If there is any matter where you are up against a current, former or potential employer, our skilled lawyers will be on your side fighting for you. Call us today at 215-545-7676 to set up a consultation to discuss your matter with Console Mattiacci Law, LLC.

Our clients come from all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including but not limited to Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Camden County, Burlington County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Ocean County and Cape May County. Console Mattiacci Law, LLC also represents clients throughout the state of New York.

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Federal Judge Agrees to Allow Age Discrimination Lawsuit to Proceed

Win For Console Mattiacci Law, LLC: Federal Judge Agrees That US Teva Worker Allowed To Proceed With Lawsuit Against Israeli Branch Of Teva Pharmaceuticals

On February 5, 2018, Console Mattiacci Law, LLC won the right to proceed with an age discrimination lawsuit against the Israeli Branch of Teva Pharmaceuticals in federal court. Any US Teva Pharmaceuticals employee, who was directly supervised by the Israeli Teva Pharmaceuticals may have the right to bring a claim against both the US and Israeli based Teva Pharmaceutical company. For details, click here to read more about why the federal judge agreed to allow the age discrimination lawsuit to proceed.

Console Mattiacci Law, LLC Files Class Claim Against AT&T for Age Discrimination

Any AT&T employee who signed an invalid release still may have the right to bring a federal age discrimination claim and keep the severance they were paid.  On January 11, 2016, Console Mattiacci Law won an AGE discrimination VERDICT against AT&T in federal court. For details, click here.

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Super Lawyers AwardThe lawyers at Console Mattiacci Law, LLC have been recently honored:

Stephen G. Console "Top 100 Lawyers in Pennsylvania" (2008 - 2018)
  "Philadelphia’s Best Lawyer – Employment Law" (2012)
  "Top 100 Lawyers in Philadelphia" (2008 - 2018)
  "Super Lawyer" by Philadelphia Magazine (2004 - 2018)
Laura C. Mattiacci "Top 100 Lawyers in Pennsylvania" (2015, 2018)
  "Top 100 Lawyers in Philadelphia" (2015, 2018)
  "Top 50 Female Lawyers in Pennsylvania" (2014 - 2018)
  “Top Attorney" by South Jersey Magazine (2014 - 2018)
  "Super Lawyer" by Philadelphia Magazine (2013 - 2018)
  "Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2006- 2012)
  "Lawyers on the Fast Track" by The Legal Intelligencer (2011)
Caren Gurmankin "Super Lawyer" by Philadelphia Magazine (2018)

"Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2010- 2017)

Rahul Munshi

"Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2013-2018)

Kevin Console "Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2017-2018)
Lane Schiff "Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2017-2018)
Kate Oeljten "Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2017)
Susan Saint-Antoine "Super Lawyer" by Philadelphia Magazine (2018)
Fernando I. Rivera "Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2018)
Brian C. Farrell "Rising Stars" by Philadelphia Magazine (2018)

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"...I am truly grateful for all of the help, assistance, understanding and professional skills garnered on my behalf during this time.

I feel your life-long commitment to hard work, education, competitive skill and supporting the underdog positioned you to represent me in a way no one else could."

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